Voyage to Farland 

Voyage to Farland is a cute but hardcore graphical roguelike inspired by the Japanese Mystery Dungeon games.

What will you face?
You are a wandering adventurer, looking for your kidnapped sister. But to find her, you'll have to fight mask-wearing severed heads, ill-tempered ladybugs that spin and toss you (ahem, “Viper Beetles”), catapult-riding felines that lob items at you, plus more crazy monsters with crazier powers in this hardcore, permadeath adventure. No two attempts are ever the same. Replay value levelup! Are you up to the task?

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"Fun and Addictive. Great little rogue-like and a perfect introduction to the genre for those who have not played this style of game before."

"Amazing roguelike, I got it for PC and Android. And it gave me the chance to finally play a 'Shiren the Wanderer' style game."

"Very hard. Very addictive. Great fun." - player reviews

"Noticeably more difficult than other genre entries I’ve experienced ... I still had fun with it" - Wraithkal review

"The graphics may look fun and cute, but don't let them fool you - this is as serious and deep of a roguelike as I've seen." - Charlie's POV review

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