Voyage to Farland x86 Linux version

Here's a version of Voyage to Farland ported to x86 Linux machines! Click one of the buttons to the right to buy the game on Desura or Sellbox.

Video of the PC/Linux version!

Let's Play Playlist By Roguelike Guru BrianDaGod

Concept art copyright 2013, Shroom Arts Blogspot.
All other content copyright 2013, Peculiar Games and P.A. Casey.

Random screenshots

NOTES: I've been working on this game for three or four years now, concentrating on the Windows/Linux version lately. Fans of the Mystery Dungeon games (both Shiren and Pokemon) should have a blast with this indie graphical roguelike!

Developer Let's Play Video Playlist

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Desura Digital Distribution
   NOOK App : Voyage to Farland 
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($2 to $5 is really helpful with dev costs! Especially since this is currently my only source of income.)

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