Interview with Cithryth at Orttimus Prime Time
She asked some great questions about Voyage to Farland and roguelike games in general, including the journey the term "roguelike" itself has made in the past few years and newer terms like the "Procedural Death Labyrinth".

Interview with Charlie from Cataclysmic Games
We talked about our love of Earthbound, crazy game design & nuances of game art in addition to the long journey that has been Voyage to Farland in this interview.

Interview with a fellow Shiren the Wanderer fan
I got the opportunity this Spring (2013) to do an interview with Lou from the roguelike community. He's a great guy and very knowledgeable about roguelike games past and present and in particular, the Shiren Mystery Dungeon games. Check out the interview here

We talked about Voyage to Farland and how Chunsoft's Shiren games influenced it and where I deviated in my design. It should be a fun read for Shiren fans.

Review of Voyage to Farland in Spanish!
A roguelike guru takes a look at the Linux version of Voyage. Some interesting points: yes, Voyage alters the Hero character's graphics depending on what kind of sword/shield is equipped (why don't all roguelikes do this?), I think he/she likes the music (need to brush up on my Spanish, although I think Chrome will offer to translate for you) -- a lot of the design in Voyage comes from a conscious effort to deviate from the prototypical fantasy genre and it's nice that a gamer understands and appreciates that!

Voyage to Farland featured on did a short piece on the recent PC port (Win/Linux) of Voyage, noting "It's great stuff, especially if you find other PC roguelikes intimidating due to their complexity." Note that while Voyage is accessible, it is by no means easy. Mwahahaha.... ahem.

Review at Save Game
Microchip Monsters got its first review on the web at SaveGame. In fact, it's pretty much the first review ever of any of my games, so this is pretty exciting and the writeup includes a very creative and brilliant take on the background story of the game!

Feature on Siliconera
Spencer at Siliconera did an article about Voyage to Farland and some of my motivations and design goals with the game.

Feature on featured Microchip Monsters, noting the "striking minimalist visual style" and the work on libmodplug, calling it "pretty hardcore stuff".

Coverage on Tiny Cartridge
Tiny Cartridge wrote about the port of Voyage to Farland to Android as well as the earlier DS homebrew versions.

Feature on appolicious
Appolicious mentioned Theramaze as an example of the versatility of apps.