Other Games

Before starting development for Android devices, crow (the founder of Peculiar-Games) released a graphical rogue-like game called "Peculiar Voyage: Escape from Cute" in the Nintendo DS homebrew scene.  And guess what - it's FREE!  So if you like Mystery Dungeon style rogue-likes, download the game from FileTrip, grab an emulator (for PC), and set out on your quest!

UPDATENow ported to Android (2.1 or higher) and available at the Android Market! (with a more accessible title...)

Here's a video of the latest release (Dec 2009):


Tiny Cartridge wrote about it some (although they found the title peculiar ;-)

Some of the graphics in the game were modified from Danc's freely available prototyping graphics "Planet Cute" and "2D Circle Graphic Archive".  Check out his page at the Lost Garden -- "PlanetCute"  and  "2D Circle Graphic Archive" art by Daniel Cook, Lostgarden.com.

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