The Alanduino - a stripped down Arduino clone

I've been working in the EAGLE PCB (Printed Circuit Board) CAD software the past week to modify Dr. Ayars' stripped down Arduino clone board design (that his students affectionately named the "Ayrduino"). He was kind enough to provide the EAGLE files (so the schematic and the board layout) on his blog.

I actually built one copy of his Ayrduino using toner iron-on transfer and it works wonderfully. But my purpose in messing with the design for the "Alanduino" was to replace the programming jack with a standard AVR ICSP (ISP?) 2x3 pin header jack since I'd built an RS-232 PonyProg type cable to program ATmega chips.

Please find the current iteration of the EAGLE files below.

Here's a peek at them.

And an all-black mask for toner transfer:

There's also a vertically flipped top-side image for using toner transfer to mark the pin headers:

I'll probably continue tweaking the design. It still requires 3 top-side jumpers seeing as it's a single-sided PCB layout... I'll also update this page after I build the device.