This menu option shows a list of the top 10 high scores achieved in the game. In keeping with the retro style, three initials are recorded along with the score.

High Scores List:

The story behind this is that each copy of the game downloaded onto the player's android device has a "bot memory circuit" and the player is seeing a holographic image displayed within the bot's circuitry (seen in the border around the score list window).

Score Registry:

When a game ends, if your score makes it on the list you'll be sent to the score register widget. You can flip up and down or drag each initial to move to another letter. Yes, a keyboard would be easier! But we think this little "slot machine" effect will be fun to play with, so...

Then just tap the OK button and your score will be recorded in the "bot memory".

Note: a separate high score board is maintained for Timed Mode play.