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What are roguelike games?

They're the most addictive, hardcore, infuriating yet gratifying video games out there. As aficionado Dark Steve puts it, they're the "perfect predatory creature of an RPG". Not for the faint of heart, but amazingly rewarding for those who dare enter the dungeons.

So my contribution to the Android roguelike scene is a little game called Voyage to Farland. If you've ever played and enjoyed the harder Mystery Dungeon games (Shiren the Wanderer), there's a good chance you'll enjoy Voyage to Farland, too, so check it out!

Even if the "Mystery Dungeon" flavor of roguelike (RL) role-playing games isn't your favorite, try out some of the other styles and share the love with the hard-working developers (via purchases, donations, ratings or kind comments) because after all, developing a roguelike game is a labor of love.

The hero character is based on Daniel Cook's Planet Cute art. Huge thanks to him for his generosity.

Voyage to Farland promotional image by Shroomarts, 2013.

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When you try Voyage to Farland, here's what's in store for you...