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libmodplug is a public domain music player library generously donated by Olivier Lapicque, the author of the ModPlug tracker, and currently maintained by Konstanty.  It can play many tracker file formats (MOD, XM, IT etc.) and it's a great way to add music to your Android game or app with good sound quality, but moderate file size.

AndModPlug is my port of this awesome MOD player library to Android. I'm an amateur musician and tracker fan from back in the Amiga days, used tracker music in my DS homebrew roguelike game (PAlib, libnds) and have now released three indie games in the Android Market using AndModPlug: RGBbot, Voyage to Farland, and most recently Microchip Monsters.

I've also put a demo app out on the Android Market to show some of the tricks AndModPlug can do - check it out!

AndModPlug Demos app

Let's get started playing with AndModPlug

Here are some options depending on how deep you want to get into AndModPlug:

1) JAR file and libmodplug compiled for ARM processors

2) Eclipse library project you can add to your own projects

3) "Under the hood" - tweaking and building AndModPlug and libmodplug

Why should you care about tracker music as a developer? 

Because it can reduce the size of your soundtrack by a factor of 10. See the Soundtracks page for an example of this - an Android apk that uses libmodplug to play the full soundtracks of my games Voyage to Farland and RGBbot! (44 songs in 1.2MB)

Thank you to all the supporters of AndModPlug! 

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I've been getting great support from fellow tracker enthusiasts and coders, especially Mr.Lou of and Dewfall Productions, who I'm finding out is an amazing tracker artist and musician. Be sure to check those links out!