Notes About Dungeons

Iya Gorge: this is the base dungeon in the game, ending with a boss fight. The entrance is the mouth of the cave north of the building in the starting village. All items are already identified by default in this dungeon.

Training Dungeon: if you're new to Mystery Dungeon style rogue-like games, try this out (select Training from the start menu). This is an easy dungeon with only a few floors. When you pick up a new type of item, a little explanation will be given on how you can use it. After clearing the dungeon you'll find yourself in the "Wilderness Village" ready to take on the more challenging dungeons.

Strategy Dungeon: (unlocked after certain events) this is a dungeon with single-floor puzzles to solve (the goal is to get to the exit alive!). Try to solve all the puzzles and learn a few tricks with items along the way. Items and companions aren't allowed into the dungeon.

The Path of No Return: (unlocked after certain events) this is the more classic Rogue style dungeon, with many items unidentified by default. No items or companions are allowed in with you. You start from level 1, empty-handed and try your best to survive. Test out unidentified items to see what effect they have, then NAME them with a label you choose. If you make it to the end of this dungeon, a surprise is in store!

The Vial Trial: (unlocked after certain events) this is a specialty dungeon where you are tested on your ability to use vials to capture monsters, take on their form and use their special abilities and attacks (FIRE button) to survive and clear the dungeon. Good luck!

The Bot Subplot: (unlocked after certain events) a bonus dungeon that introduces an enigmatic new NPC and his evil brethren. Difficulty ramps up quickly, so beware!

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