Multitouch test app

NEW VERSION: v.2 below

Simple app to test multitouch using a couple of techniques... (see below)

Steps for a quick test:

1) tap the bottom left button to change from CUR (current method) to NEW (new method)

2) touch and move finger around the DPAD, GREEN DPAD row at top should show the direction with arrows

3) lift up finger

4) touch bottom right button (stick figure/vertical-horizontal cross/diagonal cross/circle arrow) with your right finger and keep holding

5) while holding right finger to the touch screen, touch in the DPAD with your left finger and move around the DPAD

if the controls are working correctly, the MULTITOUCH ROW should show which part of the bottom-right button you're touching and the DPAD ROWshould show the direction your left finger is touching in the DPAD...

Thanks for testing!

Please try the app testmt.apk below.