News!: in version 1.9 of WackyDays, you can upgrade for a low price to remove ads and get extra features (SEARCH and social network SHARING) in the Google Play version. Tap MENU/UPGRADE to get it!

Looking for something to celebrate? How about Increase Your Psychic Powers Day? Or National Bologna Day? WackyDays is an app & widget to show unusual, bizarre and funny "holidays", plus tips & lots more. It's great for educators and a good conversation starter. The current version focuses on US "holidays", but is amusing for people worldwide.


WackyDays is an ad supported app and therefore requests INTERNET and COARSE_LOCATION permissions for serving mobile ads in the app.

NOTE: since some days in the year have no clear "Wacky Day", or have one but it's copyrighted, we totally made up a handful of the "holidays" and they are clearly marked in the app as "unofficial". (e.g. October 7th - "Android Day (unofficial)")

version history

v1.9: better UI across device screen sizes, especially for Nexus 7. Also, the feature upgrade now has search AND sharing via social networks (twitter, email, etc.) Sharing uses apps you have installed like Twitter, Facebook, etc.

v1.7: better tablet support, upgrade with in-app billing to remove ads and add new features (Search, with more to come!)

v1.6c: minor update - fixed typos.

v1.6b: minor formatting update.

v1.6: updated libraries & fixed a couple of formatting problems.

v1.5b: minor update, fixing typos and reformatting some text.

v1.5: new option to add Wacky holidays to your Google calendar(beta).

v1.4: added animation to month changes, UI changes - swipe right/left to go to next/previous month, tap in top half of screen to cycle through tips.

v1.3: more formatting, typo fixes.

v1.2: fixed some typos and formatting.

v1.1: tweaks to formatting, activity stack and note above about the unofficial "holidays".

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