Mint Tin Beatbox

This is a project to make a CD40106-based glitchy "beatbox" drum kit that would fit into an Altoids mint tin.

See below for an attachment with an archive of the Eagle schematics. Messy, but may be useful to people.

The project was never fully completed, although I made a schematic and even a PCB version, but there were noise issues as seen in the bottom video that I didn't solve. Still an interesting project and shows some ways to get glitchy sounds out of the 40106 hex inverter and some Darlington pair touchpad switches.

Breadboarded version.

PCB version.

Schematic (also see attached Eagle files below). Note that I split the shematic into 2 PCB parts to fit into an Altoids tin. They are connected with a ribbon cable as seen in the video above. You can combine these 2 sections and eliminate the ribbon cable if you're making just a single PCB. Also note that the board associated with the schematic is for a single-sided copper-clad board so there are several RED jumpers. For a double-sided or multi-layered board, these jumpers could be eliminated.