Rugged Rogues

Voyage to Farland will launch on Steam June 2nd, 2015!

If you've bought the game on another service or in a bundle, you'll get a Steam Key that will activate on the launch day. Here are specific instructions for where and how to get your key depending on where you purchased the game:


Note that this applies only to customers who purchased the game on Desura. For customers who purchased it elsewhere, please see the instructions below.

When logged onto Desura's website, go to this page:

Hover over the Voyage to Farland image and click on the Your Keys button. You'll find a Steam key there that you can copy and paste into Steam to activate the game.


Log into your IndieGameStand account and click on the Game Wallet link. Find Voyage to Farland and then click the Request Steam Key button!


I'm hoping to get keys distributed to the Humble team by the end of the day (Tuesday June 2nd, 2015). You should then be able to log into Humble and find your Steam key for Voyage to Farland. Stay tuned!

Log into your account, go to the download page for Voyage to Farland and find the Claim Steam Key widget and click Get Steam Key.


If you bought Voyage to Farland in the Indie Royale Debut 18 Bundle or the Groupees Remute 6 Terrific Time Travel Bundle, go to the respective site, log in and a Steam Key should be available in your game collection.

The Rugged Rogues Bundle:

Since is currently on hiatus, delivery of Steam keys is a little different. I've set up a tool to automatically send you a Steam key after verifying your Desura key for Voyage to Farland that was delivered with the Bundle.

Please fill in this form below with your 1) email address and 2) the Desura key you received for Voyage to Farland in the Rugged Rogues Bundle. The widget will verify the key, match it to a Steam key and send the Steam key to the email address you provided. If you run into any problems with this, feel free to email me: contact

NOTE THAT if you never redeemed your Voyage to Farland key on Desura until recently (after June 1st, 2015), it may not be in my database and I'll have to add it. So try the form with your key and if it fails, send me email at the above address to remind me to add your recently redeemed key!

If you can't find the Desura key you received from, never fear! You should be able to retrieve it by:

  1. Logging into Desura.

  2. Clicking the Collection link along the top.

  3. Hovering over Voyage to Farland and clicking the Your Keys button. This will bring up your Desura key you used to activate the game. It will be the key with 5 sets of 5 alphanumeric characters separated by dashes under the "Invite" label.

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