Rescue Codes

Version 2.2.5 of Voyage to Farland for Windows/Linux has a new major feature, Rescue Codes.

The idea is that when you're vanquished in a dungeon, you can request a friend or fellow Voyage fan on the internet to come and rescue you. Here's how it works:

1) You are vanquished (I don't recommend allowing this on purpose, but hey... it happens)

2) You request a rescue from the Start Menu. The rescue code will be copied to the system clipboard so you can paste it into an email, a tweet, on the Desura forum - pretty much anywhere! It will be helpful if you tell potential rescuers what dungeon it was and what floor (e.g. Floor 3 in The Path of No Return)

3) A nice fellow Voyage fan out there can enter the code in the Start Menu ("Rescue Someone") by first copying it with Ctrl-C, etc. and then selecting "Paste Code"

4) The rescuer will then be taken directly to the first floor of the dungeon you were vanquished in. He or she will have to fight their way up to the floor you fell on, find the "Fallen HERO" and talk to him/her. This completes the rescue and a successful rescue code will then automatically be copied to the system clipboard and the rescuer can reply to your email, your tweet, your facebook post or on the forum and include the code!

5) You can then thank them

and enter the code to revive your HERO and continue your adventure!

This is all very beta code currently and there are a few caveats:

  • you can only generate rescue request codes for the most recent defeat in the following dungeons - Iya Gorge (main dungeon with The Cute Forest), The Path of No Return, The Vial Trial and The Bot Subplot.

  • unfortunately, you currently can't start a new adventure and still be rescued (if you start a new adventure and someone rescues you, the code will be useless, but at least the rescuer will get "good karma" and perhaps an achievement and bonus item here or there!)

  • rescuing someone will overwrite any current saved game you have, so it's best to do rescues after you've been vanquished or have stored away all your loot in the warehouse and are currently in the "Wilderness" .

I'll post a few sample rescue request codes soon on the Desura Voyage to Farland forum so that you can try out the new system!

Copyright Peculiar Games and P.A.Casey.