Theramaze is an audio-visual toy & our take on the classic electronic instrument, the Theremin. Use it as a musical instrument, a plaything, a meditation tool, or just to irk your friends and family.

Touch the screen and tilt your phone to create beautiful music (or noise).

Disclaimer: Peculiar-Games cannot be held responsible for frightened family members, friends or pets.

Enjoy! (& annoy??) ^_-


version history

v1.1: bug fixes, cleaner sound, support for devices without tilt sensors, 3 new waveforms & 2 new visualizations.

v1.0: first alpha release.

The font used in Theramaze for the "POWERING UP!" and "REGENERATING" phases is Ray Larabie's free font, "Good Times". Many thanks and be sure to check his page out at

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