version history

v1.9l: minor update with fixes for leaderboard handling.

v1.9g: tweaks to fix a couple of sound effects that Android 2.3.3 broke...

v1.9d: updated online leaderboard code (Google's API changed), now posts latest score rather than local high score.

v1.9: more tweaks to audio, beta online Leaderboard.

v1.8: tweaks to ufo graphics, audio fix for Samsung Galaxy S phones (fingers crossed), copy protection removed.

v1.7: changed scrolling backgrounds to reduce CPU usage.

v1.6: bug fixes. Frozen invaders could still descend slightly, leading to game over. Also, tweaks to invaders' tractor beam gfx.

v1.5: bug fix for good bot "punching through" lower lines, new music for HIGH SCORES, NOTES, and SETTINGS.

v1.4: tweaks to songs (due to a bug in the mod player) to enable all the tracks (affects "Hellobot" and "Goodbyebai").

v1.3: added bug reporting by email after confirmation from the user. (for a Java problem it sends the stack info, for the native mod player code, it sends the whole log)

v1.2: changes to mod player code wrapper.

v1.1: bug fixes and added Timed Mode.