Mods for Voyage to Farland

For the PC version of Voyage to Farland, players can mod the game with custom pixel art sprite sheets for the monsters. This functionality is in its early stages and there's not as much consistency with monster sprite sheet names as I'd like, but it should be fun for artists looking to customize the experience.

Here's some info on how to go about making your own mod monster sprites!

  • the game currently only accepts monster sprite mods

  • put custom monster sprite sheets in the pack1/data/ sub-directory (pack1 should be on the same level as the Voyage executable, README.txt, files/ and lib/ )

  • each sprite has 4 frames of animation for a direction

  • there are 5 directions to design art for: front, back, left, up-left, down-left

  • the other directions (right, up-right, down-right) are achieved in code by flipping the sprite horizontally

  • some sprites have a separate melee attack animation (e.g. GrayLady/YuniOnna)

  • some sprites have normal and "special" attack animations (e.g. Maskboy)

  • still other sprites have separate melee AND ranged or special attack animations (e.g. Nosferatu)

  • most of the current sprites are 32x32 pixels for each frame of animation, but some are 52x52 to look better when scaled up to Android/PC device hdpi resolutions (e.g. viperbeetlelv1x.png is 52x52, but maskboylv1.png is 32x32)

  • for new sprite graphics it would be best to do 52x52 pixels for all sprites

  • the game would really look best if the sprites have a slight perspective from the top (maybe 45 to 60 degrees) rather than "face on". This will match the background tilesets. (see the starting village building perspective)

There's a zip archive below with all of the current monster sprite sheets, a README file, a couple of png files to visually explain the sprite sheet layout and an example new Nosferatu sprite sheet drawn by Shroomarts.

Have fun and good luck!

New Hero, Tinbot, Oba, Oni, Maskboy & More Sprites!

I've nearly finished the sprite graphics overhaul for Voyage to Farland with only a couple of creatures left. These will be included in the next update, but if you'd like to use them now, download "" below (by clicking the DOWN ARROW icon at the far right).

Then extract the zip archive so that the "pack1" directory is on the same level as your Voyage.exe or Voyage.jar game executable. Voyage to Farland will then use the new updated sprites automatically! Enjoy!