The PGsoundtracks app for Android plays the full soundtracks from my games Voyage to Farland and RGBbot. (see Attachment below) Using the "magic" of the MOD tracker music format (and libmodplug) it fits 44 songs into a 1.2MB Android apk file! Functionality is limited, but this little app should be fun for fans of gaming music (and for Voyage to Farland players who've yet to master The Path of No Return :)

You'll have to set your Android device to download and install apps from unknown sources:

- tap MENU/Settings/Applications and then check the "Unknown Sources" box

- then download the app attachment below.

The songs "Intro", "Let It Happen", and "Reaction Delay remix" are MOD format remixes I did of songs by Hidden Observer (current manifestation as Polaroids of the Pyramids). Many thanks to them for awesome music and their generosity. Be sure to check out their youtube channel and also "Creature of the Dawn" (featuring the original "Reaction Delay" song)!

The "Hero with Headphones" character icon above is modified from PlanetCute graphics by Danc (Lost Garden). His generosity and inspiring game art are much appreciated! "PlanetCute" art by Daniel Cook,

All other content copyright 2013, Peculiar-Games and P.A. Casey.