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Before starting development for Android devices, crow (the founder of Peculiar-Games) released a graphical rogue-like game called "Peculiar Voyage: Escape from Cute" in the Nintendo DS homebrew scene. And guess what - it's FREE! So if you like Mystery Dungeon style rogue-likes, download the game from FileTrip, grab an emulator (for PC), and set out on your quest!

UPDATE: Now ported to Android (2.1 or higher) and available at the Android Market! (with a more accessible title...)

Here's a video of the latest release (Dec 2009):


Tiny Cartridge wrote about it some (although they found the title peculiar ;-)

It got a nice review (in German) here. (and translated into English)

Some of the graphics in the game were modified from Danc's freely available prototyping graphics "Planet Cute" and "2D Circle Graphic Archive". Check out his page at the Lost Garden -- "PlanetCute" and "2D Circle Graphic Archive" art by Daniel Cook, Lostgarden.com.

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