Microchip Monsters


Microchip Monsters

- the puzzle/arcade/casual hybrid shooter.


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Be sure to go through the in-game tutorial, but here's a more thorough explanation of the controls & game mechanics.

  1. Tap the first time to launch a probe (sorry! a Photon Torpedo!?) along a flight path from the green robot at the bottom to the touchpoint. Blackholes and Wormholes change the flight path along the way with their gravity. A Wormhole has gravity and the ability to send the probe off to a distant location in the microchip.

  2. Touchscreen taps after the first one simply signal the probe to lay mines (up to 5). You can tap anywhere on the screen for these, including off to the side or down in the score area (anywhere except the right & left movement buttons in the bottom corners). These taps have no bearing on mine location, the mines are dropped wherever the probe happens to be and the taps just serve as a trigger, i.e. you can avoid covering up the action.

  3. After laying all 5 mines, or if the probe flies off the playfield, you go back to step 1, launching another probe.

Game strategy involves bouncing the probe off walls, anticipating "virus" movement and Blackhole/Wormhole gravity effects. Many stages require a keen geometrical sense and involve several of these effects to get the probe in position to destroy an elusive virus.

Note: the minimalist design of the microchips actually draws inspiration from a VLSI design course way, way back in my university days. :)


About the game

Microchip Monsters is a casual/arcade hybrid game with a futuristic vibe. Viral invaders have taken over the Bots’ microchips and destroyed them. But the last Bot has come back as a ghost looking for revenge. Help him launch torpedoes and lay mines to destroy the virus infestation.

It has a sort of Peggle-like or "Freaky-Futuristic Pinball with explosions" feel - watch the video to get an idea of the gameplay!

Inspired by the classic bit Generations games for the Gameboy Advance, Microchip Monsters is a nod to those addictive retro games.

Includes pre-designed levels and a special "Rogue" mode with procedurally (randomly) generated levels for nearly infinite replay value.

Note to other indie Android developers: this is the third Android game I’ve made using my port of libmodplug to Android (AndModPlug) to play MOD/XM tracker music. Check it out on the AndModPlug page.

There's also a FREE version to try out!

Special thanks to tracker artist Mr.Lou for permission to use his song "Electric Memories" in the game. Be sure to check out his website indiegamemusic.com!

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