Once upon a time in a distant galaxy, the bots lived happily on their planets.

They were left there as caretakers by a culture long since departed for the stars.

But one day, a strange ship arrived. It began abducting the bots and...

reprogramming them to do evil.

The alien assembled an evil bot army and began using it to invade the neighboring bot planets.

Things were going badly for the good bots on their planets...

But when all hope was nearly lost, the good bots discovered a fault in the aliens' programming! The evil bots' photo-reflective phase was unstable and they could be neutralized when red, green and blue bots were side by side!

So the good bots lay in wait below the descending army and when their chance came, they launched themselves into the invaders forming red-green-blue combos taking the group out of the fight. But don't worry! The good bots don't go away. After the invaders are defeated, the good bots still on the planet download all their fellow defenders' synthetic neural networks and build new bodies for them.

But there are other planets to save! The remaining good bots are fighting bravely, but they need your help!

Please don't let them down!

Or in video form (from the game's STORY menu option):