Totally beta

HTML5 in a gadget? Here are 3 sprites from my roguelike game Voyage to Farland: hero, shield and tomahawk. The game uses 3 separate sprites because the weapons and shields can be equipped and un-equipped and with scores of different weapon and shield types, this is the more efficient way to deal with all the combinations.

Started working on this game again. It's basically just an Orbital rip-off (GBA Bit Generations game), but I'm pretty happy with the plasma effects.

A future "mod" for Voyage to Farland with new sprite graphics by Shroom Arts.

THIS is the bit Generations inspired game I really want to make...

Well, this used to be beta, but I finished the game below and it's now out on the Android Market, titled Microchip Monsters!

Week 3

Week 2

Week 1