You’re a homeless wanderer searching for your long lost sister. But to find her you must first prove your resolve in a quest through the unforgiving Iya Gorge to find an evil witch that kidnapped children from the village.

To succeed, you’ll have to overcome pesky catapult driving felines, long-dead vampires, creepy mask wearing heads and other strange monsters with even stranger powers. Along the way you’ll meet creatures that will help you fight, including a wise-cracking owl and a mysterious outcast “monster”. You’ll need all the weapons at your disposal: healing herbs, powerful shields and blades, magical beads and pouches and a curious cursed vial you’ll use to capture a monster’s soul and become the monster, making use of its special powers.

With each defeat, your hero will have to start all over. But you, the player, will become more cunning and get a bit further in your quest.

Defeat the Spirit Witch and the Path of No Return will open, leading to ancient ruins and a haunted castle beyond....

How far can you get in Voyage to Farland?

The "Hero" character icon above is modified from PlanetCute graphics by Danc (Lost Garden). His generosity and inspiring game art are much appreciated! "PlanetCute" art by Daniel Cook,