Want to say thanks?

If you find my work useful in your projects and would like to say thanks, you can click the button below to see how to donate (via PayPal or just by buying one of the very affordable games :)

Check out the AndModPlug Demos app on the Android Market to see (and hear!) some of the cool things this latest version of the libmodplug port can do.

And see below for zip archives, including:

- AndModPlug jar and compiled for ARM processors

- javadocs for AndModPlug

- an example app (Eclipse) project to play a few MODs from my games (also includes jar and

Check out the demo app first. Try to build it and run it on your Android phone or tablet (runs kind of slow in the emulator). 

Next, for your own projects, you can just extract the jar archive below into your project (makes libs/ and libs/armeabi/ subdirectories) and add the jar to your project. For Eclipse, right-click on your project name, go to Properties->Java Build Path, select the Libraries tab and Add JARs button, navigate to YOUR_PROJECT/libs and select andmodplug-1.0.jar, then click OK and you should be ready to go! 

Eclipse with the Android plugin (ADT) will automatically package into your apk. For NetBeans, to get included in your apk, try this tip.

The songs in the demo app are copyright, Peculiar-Games and P.A.Casey.

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($2 to $5 is really helpful with dev costs! Especially since this is currently my only source of income)

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