I'm a "lapsed" engineer & gamer that picked up a DS in 2006 to play games and in 2007 found myself making games...

Since 2009 I've been making Android games/apps and as of 2013 I'm looking into web apps, too. Since these apps are currently my only source of income, donations are most welcome and really helpful. Thanks!

- Patrick


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Support an Indie developer

If you'd like to support my small independent app studio, you can donate by buying one of my paid games! Or scroll down and donate with PayPal. Voyage to Farland for Chrome has a donate button for PayPal and Google Wallet!

You can also get Voyage to Farland (Windows/Linux/Android) from the Humble Store (as well as Desura and and optionally leave an extra tip (tipping also works on!

Make a small donation with PayPal. ($2 to $5 is really helpful with dev costs)

Thanks! :D

- Patrick

Donate with Paypal.

The Hero character is modified from Danc's Planet Cute art. "PlanetCute" art by Daniel Cook, Many thanks!

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