Press Release Nov13

Peculiar Games & IndieGameStand offer the dungeon crawler, Voyage to Farland, in a Pay-What-You-Want deal from November 15th

Press Release November 13, 2014

Peculiar Games teams with this weekend (Nov 15-18) to offer dungeon crawler fans the 16-bit hardcore roguelike game, Voyage to Farland, in a Pay-What-You-Want sale with 10% of all proceeds donated to the World Wildlife Fund.

Lead developer Patrick Casey fell in love with the amazingly replayable Mystery Dungeon games while living in Japan and decided to offer western gamers an indie game inspired by the cult-classic Japanese dungeon crawlers.

Pay any amount to get PC/Mac/Linux DRM-Free downloads of the game plus a Desura key and Steam key once greenlit, or beat the average price to also get the Android version for dungeon crawling on-the-go!

Highlights include procedural generation, emergent puzzles, a unique “kimokawa” (cute but creepy) art style and hardcore gameplay from the 16-bit golden age of gaming.

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A homeless wanderer enters the forested valley called Iya Gorge - a strange land filled with mystery, danger and frightful creatures possessing fell powers. In search of a lost sister, the wanderer takes on challenges in forests, dungeons, and caverns to defeat an evil witch who has kidnapped the local children.

But completing that quest is just the start, for beyond it lies the more daunting task, embarking on The Path of No Return, a brutal trail through catacombs and treacherous lands to reach the mythical place known to locals simply as “Farland”.

There, a fascinating surprise awaits our undaunted adventurer...

Voyage to Farland is a love letter to old-school Japanese console roguelike games that will introduce western gamers to this hardcore, strategic dungeon crawler genre.